Six Unique Floral Delivery Ideas

5 March 2015
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If you have ever received a flower delivery at work or home, you know how special this can make you feel. Surprising someone with flowers when they are least expecting it can be a great gift. Here are six unique flower delivery ideas that will brighten up your loved one's day:

1. The Manly Floral Arrangement

Florists have expanded their collections to include other plants besides just flowers. There are manlier options out there that can involve more greenery, or other plants such as succulents or ferns. A sustainable plant for their home or office is a great surprise delivery for the practical man with a green thumb.

2. The Remote Location Delivery

If you have a loved one that lives off of the beaten path, having flowers delivered will be that much more special. Work with a florist in a nearby town to go over delivery options. This may involve paying a little extra for delivery, or outsourcing a general delivery service to pick up and deliver flowers.

3. Holiday Arrangements

Flowers aren't just for Valentine's day. These days florists can make beautiful themed bouquets for any occasion. Floral centerpieces can be delivered for Thanksgiving or Christmas can cheer up your loved one's home for the holidays.

4. Flower Delivery to an Event You Cannot Make

If there is a birthday party or bridal shower that you cannot make, sending flowers the day-of is a great way to be there in spirit. Have flowers delivered during the time of the event so that your gift is received along with the others.

5. Secret Admirer Flowers

If you want to send flowers but add a little mystery, have flowers delivered to your loved one without a card. Co-workers will want to know more information, but the receiver will have to say that they don't know. Revealing that the flowers were from you later on can be a sweet way to let your loved one in on the secret.

6. Flowers with a Message

Flowers don't have to be the entire gift. If you have something special lined up for later or big news to share, send flowers during the day with a note that there is more to come later on. This will keep your loved one guessing until they get home.

Flower deliveries are a great way to make someone feel special. If you can really surprise someone, this gift will be even more memorable. Finding unique circumstances to give flowers as a gift is a personal gesture that will show how much you care. To learn more, contact a company like Ciano Florist with any questions or concerns you have.