Affordable & Beautiful Flowers & Filler Stems For Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

3 February 2016
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If you are getting married this winter, and you want to have beautiful bouquets without breaking your budget, use flowers that are in season during the winter months. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the flowers and stems you can use to create your winter wedding bouquet. 

Winter Flowers

There are numerous flowers that are grown in greenhouses during the winter time, so your access to affordable flowers should not be limited just because of the season. The most popular color pallets during the winter months for flowers are red and white flowers. 

  • Carnations: Carnations are a classic flower. They have numerous petals on them, and can easily make up the entire base of your bouquet.
  • Roses: For something a little more elegant and classic, you can always go with the rose. Greenhouses produce tons of roses in anticipation of Valentine's Day, so they tend to be pretty affordable in the winter.
  • Star Of Bethlehem: If you want a longer stem flower, the star of Bethlehem is a great choice. Multiple flowers grow on a stem, and the flowers have pointed petals. They are a great way to give some height to your bouquet. 
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid: This orchard generally has multiple flowers growing on a single arched stem. The flowers are really flat and have large overlapping petals. 

Filler Stems & Other Bouquet Accessories

If you want color in your winter bouquet, you will need to take advantage of some of the beautiful stems and natural bouquet accessories that are available during the winter months. 

  • Queen Anne's Lace: This is a flower that grows on a stem in bunches. The stems is a deep green, and at the top of the stem is a large bunch of white or off-white little flowers.  It is a great filler in an all white themed bouquet and adds in a nice punch of green.
  • Solidago: This filler stem is compromised of little branches of tiny yellow flowers coming off the main stem. Each branch is clumped and filled with dozens of these tiny yellow flowers. 
  • Waxflower: Waxflower grows in clumps, with each flower having appropriately five petals. Waxflowers come in various shades of pink, red and purple. 
  • Limonium: These filler stems have fewer flowers per stem in comparison to the other flowers listed above. Limonium stems usually feature deep purple flowers, although you can also find stems with more blue and pink undertones as well.
  • Pinecones: If your wedding has a more rustic feel, consider adding some pinecones or pine boughs to your bouquet. They can add a dash of brown to your bouquet and really tie together the feeling of nature. 

If you are getting married this winter, see if a florist (such as one from From The Heart Flower Boutique) can create a beautiful and affordable winter-themed bouquet for you using some of the flowers and filler stems listed above.