Living With Flowers: Tips For Using Freshly Cut Flowers In Interior Design

9 January 2020
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Nothing lifts the mood in a room like a lovely vase of freshly cut flowers. In a room filled with mostly hard surfaces, an arrangement of flowers, or even a single stem, adds softness and texture to any room in the home. Knowing a few tips for displaying and caring for fresh flowers will help you make the most of their amazing beauty.

Keep flowers fresh longer

Trim fresh flowers when you get them and again every two to three days. Cutting about one to two inches off the stem at an angle will help the flower absorb water better and foster longevity. Remove any leaves below the waterline in your vase to prevent bacteria growth and keep flowers looking attractive.

If you're going to be away from home for a few days, consider storing your arrangement in the refrigerator or moving it to a cool area in your home. Always make sure your flowers have plenty of water, and change the water every couple of days to maintain a healthy environment for your plants.

Get creative with containers

If it's watertight, any container can be used as a vase. Old paint cans and mason jars make great containers for rustic and country style homes. Vegetable cans can be repurposed by wrapping the exterior in burlap or twine to create a country look.

Wine bottles can be used for single stem arrangements and look nice in Tuscany-themed homes. Glass soda bottles make great vases for retro decorating themes. And what could be more charming than an old teapot filled with beautiful blooms in a cottage home?

Placement matters

A large vase of flowers in an entryway is a delightful way to welcome guests to your home, and you will also benefit from their beauty every time you return home. A single flower stem on a bedside stand is calming and soothing. A small vase of flowers in a bathroom can be both a decorative piece and an air freshener.

For a fun and trendy look, cluster several small vases together in a tray. Place a different-colored flower in each vase to add a pop of color to a room. Placed on a coffee table or a dining room table, flower groupings can make a dramatic difference in a room.

No home should be without freshly cut flowers. A lovely bouquet is as close as your local florist or retailer, and flowers are always in style, no matter what season it is. Decorating with freshly cut flowers is an easy way to transform your home's interior into a lovely living space and give it an instant uplift.

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