Tending Houseplants During The Winter And Helping Them Thrive

2 April 2015
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It seems a shame to allow plants to wither and die outdoors when the cooler seasons come along, yet many people may not think to simply bring their plants indoors. The fact is that many different types of plants will thrive and grow just fine inside the home, with a little care and attention. Use the following tips to keep your houseplants healthy and happy all year long: Maintenance You should groom your houseplants periodically, snipping away dead or damaged shoots and checking for pests and insects. Read More 

Six Unique Floral Delivery Ideas

5 March 2015
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If you have ever received a flower delivery at work or home, you know how special this can make you feel. Surprising someone with flowers when they are least expecting it can be a great gift. Here are six unique flower delivery ideas that will brighten up your loved one's day: 1. The Manly Floral Arrangement Florists have expanded their collections to include other plants besides just flowers. There are manlier options out there that can involve more greenery, or other plants such as succulents or ferns. Read More